Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fenced In

Well its been a while since my last update been under the pump both at home and at work. Lots of things have happened over the last month.

- Upgraded lighting switches to clipsal Impress. Have a blue led that makes them easy to find in the dark and they look cool and high tech.
- Had two new Panasonic "Econavi" spit system installed downstairs and upstairs (ready for next summer)
- Purchased two new Bay Swiss Leather Republic Sofa's which look a treat - we now have 5 sofas !!!
- Dabbled into the art of feature wall painting in the master bedroom - looks a treat - pics soon
- Installed 2 curtains and a whopping 22 Lux timber venition blinds which look brilliant
- Moved stuff upstairs downstairs to the point of delirium.
- Connected 4 samsung video security camera's into a prewired security system.
- Installed 2 Samsung Ezon Digital Door Locks that allow keyless access via car or code, this allows us to leave the house commando (keyless)
- Had a brilliant new double brick fence built and rendered which looks brilliant. (snaps below) Our bricklayer Mr S was terrific, He took our design and made it a reality. A true professional and a work of art at a reasonable price. We shopped around and we got a great double brick construction, with the slimline 50 Mil exactly the same as the house facade itself and the same Dune render.

With all the things we have done it makes you feel tired just thinking about it.

The new fence is now complete - here are a few snaps pre completion.

1000 Jobs

The interesting thing about moving back in that what was supposed to be stressful of cource but once your in you can relax right - NO the work has just begun.

Telstra are woeful, no cable internet until June 8, two months after move in date - excuse is they're busy on other projects MASSIVE FAIL.
Fix up's on the house like some electrics have been arranged and competed by Metricon - pretty fuss free.
Still waiting on a panel on the garage door to be replaced (a tradesmen must have toe-barred the centre panel) Metricon are on the case.
Everything in the house works - just waiting for a big wet to make sure to closed plumbing system actually functions.

Fence got underway - but has taken ~ 3 weeks end to end, but results are worth it.