Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


One more sleep to initial house presentation. Lots of final fixes underway in the lead of to this event. Painting touch ups cleaning electric s are rushing to this point. Hard to believe that the slab went down 175 days ago. Quite a ride and what a transformation...

from this on August 29 2012

To this on the 27th February 2013

We went to bunnings and bought this for tomorrows inspection...

Watch out Andrew!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Final Countdown

Time is a ticking, and new days see new milestones and further progress towards the end game.
This week we have seen baby steps towards completion. Right now the house looks largely done and dusted (well maybe not dusted).
Shower screens are in, plumbing fit offs done, cleaning is part completed and painting touch-ups underway. It's kind of a case of so close yet so far away.

We are having the external perimeter fencing fixed up straitened and repaired, so the neighbours can re adjust to a normal life, and things like side gates can be installed with some level of stability. We have spent the weekend building one of the best side gates in the world - stayed tuned because by Sunday it will be installed and I will post photo's.

The temporary Toilet (also called "the shitter")and front temporary fencing are finally gone! We rang our site super Mr Andrew and told him that the fence must have been stolen haha. Electrics are all but competed with a few things like bench side PP's to go in and a few down lights in the storeroom.

No Oven, cooktop or exhaust fan yet and the Hot Water Service is nowhere to been seen. BuT i'm sure these are coming very soon.

We have the 1st pre inspection this Thursday so from there it's homeward bound!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

tic tok tic tok

tic tok tic tok, waiting for the key to the lock. Plumbing fit off was completed yesterday and oh what a difference taps, basins and baths make. The block has emerged as a home, sealed and alive with the tangible things like electrics, lights, water expansive tiling and carpeting and of course WC's. Wandered past the block today on the way down to Malcolm and Tammy's open garden in Merricks for Mums early birthday outing and hey presto, the door was open with Mr Andrew hard at work. The urge to just move in is palpable, but alas we must wait.

We are off OS in March so are hoping praying for keys by March 14/15. I would even considering "cleaning" if it meant we could move in by then.

Here are some of iPhone captures....

You can see a shot our site supervisor Mr Andrew looking a little less stressed today - PS he's the one on the right;-)

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Tiles and Carpet are in and kind of makes you want to move in with them. But alas we have to wait.

Mr Peter our Tiler did a bang up job and the porcelain looks brilliant. We even have under the stairs done which really adds the finishing touch to the Metricon design flair. Albeit at a small cost, but big effect and convenience. Splash back tiles in the around bench tops and windows in the kitchen and pantry look great and the laundry and balcony tiling is brilliant. Prior to the carpet laying our site supervisor Mr Andrew fixed a loose floor board that if it had gone unnoticed probably would have driven us insane.

Nest step is Plumbing fit off, whereby sinks, baths, taps and screens go in, followed buy outstanding paint finishing and some minor electrical work for install of storage room light fittings. tic tic tic.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Tiling is rocking along. its Saturday the 9th of Feb, and tile completion is only about 3 days away, both upstairs bathrooms and WC's are tiled, and the bulk of the ground floor is laid with the tricky cuts ins being done today. We are going to engage our tiler "Mr Peter" for the entrance to be tiled in textured porcelain after handover. Just have to choose a colour which will be tricky.

We also happened by at lunch time and watched the floor to ceiling wine rack go in. Looks cool....

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Metricon Adventure: Out on the Tiles

The Metricon Adventure: Out on the Tiles: New meaning to a old expression, but appropriate as we were out on the tiles today for the first time at the block. The Alto Beige Porcelain...

Out on the Tiles

New meaning to a old expression, but appropriate as we were out on the tiles today for the first time at the block. The Alto Beige Porcelain married to the Alaskan Charcoal looks stunning. The 600x300 size is the only way to go. I couldn't imagine a home with standard tiles. its a bit like holden hubcaps on a Porsche is just N.Q.R. or W.T.F but is all about the budget right.

Both the upstairs bathrooms are looking very neat indeed. Makes you want to jump in and take a 2nd shower for the day!

Downstairs Porcelain starts going down on Monday and Carpet are set to rock in next week as well.
Our Tiler Mr Peter, has a methodical approach, must say that the cut in's around the door jams are a work of art.

Well done Metricon