Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bench Tops, Cupboards and Handles

Work marched in this week with all doors in hung and door handles installed. All the caesar stone went in and all wardrobe doors in... respect. The Gloss work on the architraves and doors is spot on and we are set for porcelain to be laid in two days.

One stand out feature of the build in the site cleanliness and effective trades organisation, which has propelled us towards a fast build. Seems that our site super Mr Andrew is a terrorist for cleanliness. When look at other sites Metricon or not they usually look like a bomb has gone off.

When we questioned our Site Supervisor on probable site completion dates... his reply that include a firm "No" while Nodding his head at the same time has to go down as a classic.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Caeser stone bench tops and sinks went in today. But No site access, its locked up tight as a drum so ive included a snapshot from the Sydney Display Home, we extended the island bench top and dropped the tower cupboard giving it a much wider effect After all we have a bevy of space in the butlers pantry. The under-mount twin sinks look cool as does the 40 mill top and sides. Apparently they installed the stone in both bathrooms and powder rooms so cant wait for an unlocked door.

Porcelain apparently starts going down on Monday, and carpets are set to go in on the 31st Jan. I ca almost see the finishing line :-)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Graph - alicious

Home completion is rocking along. All insect screens all 28 of them have been installed and security door for laundry sliding door is in. Today see a final fix on waterproofing and tiles are set to commence tomorrow.

The My Metricon website tracks the progress of home build and it's a mighty fine graph

Sunday, 20 January 2013

NBN (Not Before Next "Century")

Apparently the NBN will be in our suburb by 2050 So presumably if we live that long we will have slow internet by then - cant wait. Here is a picture of the unit that by the way uses about 15watts of power on or off (plus Carbon Tax). My 4G Telstra wireless gets about 80 MPS.


Been away for a week and progress has started to return to the Block from January 14. Lighting / power went in this week. It's amazing how getting connected brings the house to life.

We added around 70 down lights to the house, and utilised a raft of 2-3 ways switches and split circuits so that you have as many lighting choices as possible.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winning Design - The Phoenix

Recently, Metricon’s Phoenix Display House at Fern Bay was awarded the Over 300,001 Category and the HIA Display Home of the Year. The awards are judged by industry professionals and acknowledge the talent of builders who plan and construct quality new housing.

Our House will almost all the bells and whistles of the Display House at Fern Bay, plus we have added a third garage reformed into a windowed store room, square cut ceiling in selected areas and designer bulk heads galore make us glad to have selected the same Phoenix design that won the Award. Could not have selected better.

The news page on Metricon’s web site notes “With a focus on open plan living, the five bedroom, two bathroom and guest powder room home offers multiple, spacious living areas with sitting room and study amongst a smart floor plan designed with a growing family in mind”.

Well done Metricon for winning the Award.

See the news page for details

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Week New Work

Up in Sydney on a film shoot, so away from the action and seeing it's hit the 14th of January it's likely most of us are heading back to work, so it seems the work on the block. It been an all stars event over the last two days. Thank goodness one of us is their to capture the progress.

Final staining applied to first two steps which are stained hardwood and then carpeted for the rest. The rational was to replicate some of the Metricon display homes which weaved the stained timber effect from the back middle and front entrance.

Electricians are in weaving the massive amount of wiring into position.We gone heavy on outlets and cabling for audio, HDMI and cat 6 provisions and we have a new samsung Ezon digital door locks and remote opening and locking.

Final painting and finishing has been applied and is looking brilliant,

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Well Painting was licked up a notch over the past few days and it looks about 95% done. All gloss has been applied to doors, window frames and Staircase has been done and the two tune Grande Piano half and quarter including cut ins are done. in addition all steel inserts under balcony, windows, garage doors, and stacker doors are done. We've been told that tiling is starting on wednesday 16th, so we are moving down the home straight. Here are some picks..

Friday, 11 January 2013

Da Stain

Painting pumped up this week starting with the timber staining on the entry door and surrounds, sliding stackers at the rear, looks cool. We will have the first 2 hardwood also stained in Cabots Charcoal Brown. As of friday night painting was at 80% with ceiling and walls, staircase and gloss work looking great. So glad we opted for semi commercial windows an aluminium, look like timber and are maintenance free for ever.

We been tripping in and watering the isolated rear garden jungle, which continues to look jungle like so at least when we move in we have a green wedge.

Fencing Fancy

Looking around a t fencing options, found an option in East Malvern that might just fit the bill. trouble is .... what will the bill be?. This design has a good combo of brick and render and a cool looking base line. Now i just need to quote it up.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Slooow Mootion

Well the world may not have ended on December 21 as set out by Voltar in his Mayan calendar, but work on the house has frozen in time, despite the heat wave. Although we have had some activity on new years day when it appears the skirting and window framing was finished. Otherwise it been very quite.