Metricon Phoenix Mod 43

Metricon Phoenix Mod 43
Entry Digital - keyless

Friday, 31 August 2012

Home Automation / Security & Convenience

Lots of people talk about home automation, like being able to stream music or video into room A or B, or have server storing all your music and video or being able to Dim the lights from a central control unit / smart phone or have blinds open or close automatically. My iPhone and iPad are my music and video library, and my Apple tv just binds it all together, so thats sorted that. and the house will be WiFied up with Apple Airport extremes.

So for me it's all about simplicity and convenience. With some of the current and future tech the need for hardwired system are just plain overkill on both cost and complexity. Its also risky as you may be installing an expensive white elephant system. Sure some elements need to be hardwired, like camera's and control panels and a cat5 system or similar needs to travel between certain parts of the house.But for us we wanted a good quality entry / comms system that could integrate with a video security system, and it provides integrated keyless entry into the house. Enter Samsung Ezon Smart Home system. We specked a integrated monitoring, entry and security system that means we have card or pin entry access basically eliminating the need for keys in the house and you monitor an unlock the door from a cool panel control or remote.

The lock system has randomised codes making it tough the see what your keying in plus it has RF car and tag automated access, plus a key override. So two of the doors will have this system, Cant wait to go out "keyless"

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